Study in The United Kingdom

Study in The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom of Great Britain located on the northwestern coast of Europe. The country has a unitary parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with no written constitution. Additionally, the United Kingdom has an excellent higher education with the perfect blend of unique British culture. As this country is highly integrated into the global economy, it contributes to the field of a world-class business. The United Kingdom has become an attractive destination for students trying to study abroad since the privatization of education. The country is excelling in the IT and Engineering fields so students from science background may find many opportunities. But the chances are not limited to science students only, management business can also get a good exposure.

Why UK?

  1. Grants and Scholarships
  2. Outstanding Education System
  3. Institutions are operation functionally and effectively
  4. Government-funded institution
  5. World-leading universities
  6. Wide range of high-quality programs
  7. Free access to the internet within college boundaries
  8. Well-furnished furniture with high tech laboratories
  9. Solid Infrastructure allowing public and private services to run smoothly
  10. Advanced, innovative and easy
  11. Skill oriented and career focus courses
  12. The teacher engaged students in interpretation and discussion inside classroom

Education System

The United Kingdom is mostly designed for people with cities and towns where you can rarely found the rush hours. Since higher education institutions are small, they operate functionally and effectively. Most of the universities are internationally oriented with special regional features and because of its variation in the study environment, you can choose between urban campuses to close to nature campuses. Higher education is mostly funded by the Ministry of Education and culture despite being highly autonomous. The ministry of education and culture efficiently managed institutions.

There is no boundary for education in the United Kingdom, a wide range of high-quality programs are provided which makes international students easy for learning. British People believe that trust and openness are important concepts the UK and this helps people to get networked at an early stage. A solid infrastructure allows all the public and private services to run smoothly. The native people can rely on the government on basic needs like transportation, public and student healthcare, police and rescue services.

Living Cost

The average living cost in the UK comes to around 600-1000 GBP/month. Living in the UK can be quite expensive if you choose to stay in the private market rather than a student’s housing foundation. The average yearly rent for a single room in a 500 to 1,200 GBP per month.


TypeApproximate cost of Living per month
For accommodation500 to 1,200 GBP
For Food145 – 260 GBP
For Transport55GBP

Documentation and Visa Application:

The requirement for Bachelor Degree

Academic requirement: +2 with minimum 2nd Division, IELTS: Minimum 6

Requirements for Master Degree:

Academic Requirement: Bachelor with minimum 2nd division, IELTS: 6 TO 6.5 Minimum

  • For Offer letter
    1. Passport
    2. IELTS
    3. Academic documents
    4. Work Experience (if any)
    5. Two Letter of Recommendation letter
    6. SOP
    7. Marriage certificate (If married)

    For CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

    1. Passport (Whole pages)
    2. Acceptance of offer letter
    3. TT copy (Telegraphic Transfer)
    4. TB (Medical Certificate)
    5. 28 days old funds proof on the applicant’s account, if the funds are on parent’s account provide the Documents as mentioned below (5 and 6)
    6. Affidavit of Support/ Letter of Sponsor (If the fund is on parent’s bank account)
    7. Birth Certificate/Relationship Verification Certificate (If parents are the sponsor)

    For General student visa (Tier 4) Filling

    1. Original Passport
    2. Original Educational Documents
    3. UKVIIELTS/IELTS Certificate
    4. Bank Balance Certificate with 28 days old funds statement
    5. Funding parents (Birth Certificate and letter from Sponsor Compulsory)
    6. SOP (Statement of purpose)
    7. Appointment Confirmation from VFS for Biometrics and visa interview after lodging the student visa application online.
    8. Fee Receipt
    9. Immigration Health Surcharge
    10. CAS Letter
    11. Medical Certificate

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