• In which country should I apply ?

    Choosing a study destination has become fun now. Looking for the universities providing quality education is needed but you should also look for friendly native people who are always welcoming. If you are prepared for the study destination, that's great, if not then we will assist you. We will guide you as per your financial status and economic condition.

  • Will College provide me with the work ? What are the work options after study ?

    No. Colleges are there only to help you in your education-related problem not on the work. Sometime college may provide you an assistantship. And also the work option after study is different in various nations. So, to learn more about it contact our office in person.

  • Do i need to give IELTS/TOEFL ?

    We encourage you to give the exam but in some European countries learning their respective language is enough.

  • How much is the application and tuition fees required to be paid by me ?

    Tuition fees and application charges vary from university to university. Some might not even take the application charge and some might take it. Regarding tuition fees, it will be refunded in case of visa rejection.

  • How do I choose University?

    You should choose the university on the basis of the tuition fees and the location of the university.

  • What is the minimum IELTS Requirements for undergraduate students?

    The minimum IELTS requirements for an undergraduate are 6 with no band less than 5.5 in Australia and Canada overall 6.5 with minimum no band less than 6 is required.

  • Is there anything like 100% visa success ?

    There is nothing like a 100% visa rate. We can help you to collect and make a genuine document but none can sure the visa. It's up to the embassy and high commission how satisfied are they with your documents.

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