Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message


Bir Bahadur Tamang

Managing Director of Nordic Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Leaving our Mark in the New Era of Education”

The Great Martin Luther King Jr once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Character and intelligence are the goals of quality education.” I feel that good education lays the inspiration for fulfillment in the journey of life, to understand a competitive edge in today’s fiercely competitive environment, and because of that many students preferred higher education overseas. From studying abroad, you will gain skills and qualifications which will benefit your upcoming professional career as well as other intangible assets like cultural experience, new contacts, sporting pursuits, travel and sightseeing, and many more. To make a well informed and systematic decision to study abroad you must have brilliant counselors who can respond to all your questions as soon as possible.

We, NEC, leverage our expertise and connections to simplify the process of seeking admissions to foreign universities. Our main focus is on impeccable communication, superior interpersonal skills, credibility, and transparency. All our staff has come from the background of either worked as an agent independently or employed under other agencies in Nepal and now we are working under the aegis of Nordic Education Consultancy. I assure you that you will be in the safe hand of ours because the colleges and universities with whom we are collaborating are affiliated by the respective government of their country. On top of that, we aspire you to make the perfect life decision and pull you one step closer to your dream of studying abroad.

Having solid roots and aiming for the top, after more than a year of dynamic presence, Nordic Educational Consultancy is leading the way in the new era of the education world.