Our Company

Our Company


Nordic is an Educational Consultancy situated at Lazimpat, Kathmandu, which is considered as the hub for students trying to enroll in foreign colleges and universities. Since 2020, our organization has been assisting the prospective undergraduates, graduates, and other professionals in terms of getting admission to foreign colleges and universities that match their needs. To this date, we have sent hundreds of deserving students to Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Australia.

We also provide comprehensive information to assist students in identifying their preferred courses and to set their academic goals. Keeping academic as a base, we develop options for students’ educational paths. We act as the representatives for several foreign colleges and universities, while also evaluating admissions on their behalf. We also provide test preparation courses (TOEFL,  IELTS, PTE) which enable students to get better choices in their quest for better colleges and universities. We escort you cleanly and visibly focusing on your necessities, option, and time frame. We believe that good working without good planning is nothing. So, to achieve our goals our team has a great vision of what we should do.

So, march forward and have the confidence to build a lifetime elation.

“Future Plans of Nordic Educational Consultancy.”

  • To increase the participation of two or more countries in a cultural exchange program.
  • To spread out significantly and efficiently by launching additional branches in another part of Nepal.
  •  To introduce groundbreaking ideas and services for universities or colleges and students.
  • To initiate our international operations.
  • To support students to return to Nepal after their graduation as  Nepal needs young entrepreneurs to contribute to the field of technology and all.