Student Profile Analysis

Student Profile Analysis

Global trend into the classification of higher education has forced higher education systems into the organization and functional variety. This situation has resulted in the rise of the variety and diversity of student profiles in every university as well as among universities. Because of the reason, the importance and theoretical and practical value of student profile research have increased.

The definition, meaning, and importance of the concept of student profile, and the theoretical debate on the epistemological and methodological foundation of drawing student profile should be understood carefully. Yet, especially with the expansion of higher education and accordingly with the increase in the number of students, there has been a differentiation and diversification in the number of students.

When we say student profile, what we generally think is a conceptual and fictitious totality. In other words, our student profile is generally viewed as a conceptual abstraction that may or may not provide a portrayal of the empiric existence of the student. From this perspective, the aim of the attempts to develop student profiles comes to be the identification, quantification and statistical representation of the certain characteristics of the individuals who are in a particular type and at a certain level of education as much as possible.

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